JasmyCoin is now available on CoinSwitch Kuber: Everything you need to know before investing.

JasmyCoin on Coinswitch Kuber

JasmyCoin has debuted on CoinSwith Kuber and is now available for trading and investment with INR deposits. At the time of writing this article, JasmyCoin is up by 35% on daily charts making it one of the successful listings on CoinSwitch Kuber. If you are in a hurry to buy this Cryptocurrency, keep your FOMO aside for 5 minutes and quickly read everything you need to know about JasmyCoin below.

What is JasmyCoin?

JasmyCoin is a crypto token used on the platform JASMY, a web3 company started by ex-Sony employees to build a marketplace for secure exchange of Data where users are empowered with complete control over the data. JASMY does this by clubbing Blockchain and IoT technology.

JASMY is the only company from Japan with the cryptocurrency listed on both Coinbase and Binance. JasmyCoin is down from the peak price of 4 INR on the yearly charts but still up by 53%, the current price of JasmyCoin is 2.022332 INR.

JasmyCoin on Daily Charts (April 20th,2022). Swipe left for 1 Year Chart.

In the last 24 hours, JasmyCoin trading volumes are up by 225%

One of the best but lesser-known strategies for understanding the demand for Cryptocurrency is to check the number of searches on popular search engines for the cryptocurrency. A sudden surge in the search volume could mean that many people are showing interest. JasmyCoin has seen an uptick in search queries in the last 24 hours.

JASMY had recently agreed on a business partnership with NEXSTGO for the development of PC business across markets in Asia, the Middle East, and India.

JASMY is investing in R&D for upgrading IoT Chip modules and manufacturing capabilities.

Before debuting on CoinSwitch Kuber, JASMY was listed on WazirX. The company is actively pursuing to list the coin on many cryptocurrency exchanges, a good sign in terms of pushing the trade volumes and price availability.

JASMY promises to strengthen cooperation with leading financial institutions to accelerate JasmyCoins global layout, the JASMY IoT platform.

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