REN Crypto News: Republic Protocol has dropped by 18% in a Week, Should you buy now?

REN Crypto

Rewinding back 1 year, many CryptoCurrency pandits have predicted REN to be one of the multi-bagger crypto investments. Since then the REN Crypto price has dropped by more than 74%. There were opportunities for some swing chasers who were able to reap some returns with proper timing for entry and exit. But we are not talking about opportunistic trading here, the question is whether it is a viable long-term investment.

Had you invested in any equities with good fundamentals, it would have been a profitable year for you. Cryptocurrency trading is not a game for everyone, if you were looking for reasonable returns with a modest investment strategy you wouldn’t have invested in the Crypto markets, to begin with.

REN has tanked 18% in the last week

The context of this rant is to think out loud or rather write as I think and understand if this drop in price is an opportunity for an excellent entry. By no means this is an attempt to suggest investment here, Cryptos ain’t gonna work that way.

But what goes down comes up. That is the only thing we can be certain about when it comes to CryptoCurrency trading. Anything beyond that is pure speculation. And chasing the extreme swings in Crypto prices is the last thing you want to do. But you want to do it anyway, isn’t it? That is why you are here, doing your research on an asset class that is most risky and no one understands.

Republic Protocol price in Indian Rupees

For short-term traders who are looking for swings, yes by all means a 20% drop owing to larger economic policies like US Fed decisions on tightening money flow, etc. can be a good entry point. But what about long-term investors, particularly the Gen Z that is optimistic about the future of a promised decentralized economy where Crypto rules the marketplace, there are surely many other Crypto investment opportunities out there. Should they invest in Republic Protocol?

REN’s Vision

REN’s vision is to create a world full of applications with absolute privacy. Privacy is their pitch. So the question now is, do you want to invest in this idea of absolute privacy? REN does exactly the same, it’s open protocol allows for transferring between blockchains creating a seamless network of crypto transfers for the envisioned secret world of masked transactions with absolute privacy as a driving philosophy. So do you want to invest in this idea? Do you want to invest in their model of Zero-Knowledge Proof?

There is a total supply of 1 billion REN tokens on the internet of which the founders hold 9% and 5% is kept for community development etc. A total of 19% is kept as a reserve with the rest in the circulation. There is an unlimited supply. Simple economics says, any commodity, which Cryptocurrencies are, is driven by demand and supply. Reconciling REN’s vision with simple economics that if and when there is a spurt in demand, the price is bound to skyrocket. Only if you have the stomach to handle the extreme swings and have an investment period of more than 3 years, you might get to see this. NOW you make the decision.

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