Meesaya Murukku actress Aathmika is the hottest of Samantha’s doppelgangers so far, Samantha fans are overwhelmed.

Aathmika Indian Actress

Meesaya Murukku actress Aathmika strikingly resembles Samantha Ruth Prabhu and many fans are excited to have found the hottest version of Samantha in Aathmika. Aathmika shares no blood relationship with Samantha, however, these pictures of Aathmika are sure to confuse you or at least make you believe that Aathmika is a close relative to Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

Aathmika: Images credit Instagram

Samantha’s spell over the Indian youth, particularly, Telugu and South Indian audience is well known. She is one of the most searched and trending actresses in recent times on Google Search India. Aathmika, who is a look-alike of Samantha, is now gaining popularity among the Telugu audience. However, Aathmika is yet to act in a Telugu movie.

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Aathmika 9
Aathmika looks like Samantha in an Instagram post. Image credit: Instagram

To even take it further, some fans are of the opinion that Aathmika is even better looking than Samantha. Aathmika, with body measurements of 30-28-30 ( 34B) is too hot for some fans and they say that Aathmika is hot, curvy, and shapely than Samantha.

Aathmika 6
Samantha look-alike Aathmika posing in a brassiere, Image credit: Instagram

While each actress have a unique appeal and it might not be fair to compare actresses, fan feels irresistible to not compare them. And these pictures of Aathmika will tell you why.

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