The curves of Parris Jeyaraj actress Anaika Soti that caught RGV’s eye failed to impress others, Why Anaika Soti is still struggling 20 years after her debut?

Parris Jeyaraj actress Anaika Soti

Parris Jeyaraj actress Anaika Soti attracted everyone with her debut film with RGV in 2013. Anaika Soti went bold in her second Telugu film 365 days with RGV and almost bared it all for the audience in a rain song, which got her huge popularity online with the song going viral throughout India. After this, Anaika Soti is not seen in any popular movies and her career stood still until Anaika’s role in the 2021 Tamil movie Parris Jeyaraj.

Who is Parris Jeyaraj actress Anaika Soti?

Parris Jeyaraj actress Anaika Soti is an Indian actress who debuted with the movie Satya 2 in 2013. Anaika Soti was 19 years old when she debuted in movies under the Ram Gopal Varma’s direction. Anaika Soti was born in 1991 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and she never dreamed of becoming an actress. For Parris Jeyaraj actress Anaika Soti, becoming an actress was completely happenstance and accidental.

Born to Hindu parents Mithun Raj and Savitha, Anaika Soti spent most of her childhood in Lucknow with her brother Shubam Soti.

Anaika Soti
Image Credit: Anaika Soti

Interesting story behind Anaika Soti’s debut in 2013

An innocent 19-year-old Anaika Soti had an encounter of her life when she met Ram Gopal Varma in a lift. Everyone knows the RGV’s prowess in finding the next big Indian actress, he did it time and again, and many popular Indian actresses like Urmila Matondkar are products of his gaze. When RGV met Anaika Soti in a lift, he couldn’t control himself and was very impressed by her beauty and curvy figure of Anaika Soti. Next thing we know, RGV is behind Anaika Soti offering her the role of lead actress for his upcoming project. Anaika refused and first but eventually succumbed to RGVs praise and pressure. Anaika Soti was all set to become the next hot deal from RGV, but things didn’t go quite as expected from there for the young Anaika Soti.

Image Credit: Anaika Soti

Anaika Soti before Parris Jayeraj

Anaika Soti rose to prominence and started trending for her role in the Parris Jayeraj. Considering that she debuted in 2013, Anaika Soti’s career is rather brief with not many movies in her bucket. Between her first movie Satya in 2013 to Parris Jayeraj in 2021, Anaika only worked in one other Telugu movie and three Tamil language movies. Her second movie Kaaviya Thalaivan got her buzz with a nomination for Best actress supporting in the 62nd Filmfare awards.

Anaika Soti’s Viral Song in 365 Days

RGV was right about Anaika Soti’s ability to spark a desire in men, in his next venture after Satya 2, RGV extracted everything out of the 21 years old Anaika Soti. The movie was a flop and nobody has seen it, however, Anaika Soti’s rain song in 365 Days movie went viral, where she almost bares it all with the camera focusing on her from all angles, many Youtube channels have re-uploaded the song in various forms. At this Ananya Soti was voluptuous and curvy, with the promise of a lucrative career in Tollywood, however, it didn’t go as planned.

Anaika Soti in torn jeans and floral crop top

Anaika Soti in Parris Jayeraj 2021

Parris Jayeraj is the first full-length movie as lead for Anaika Soti after many years. Anaika Soti has gone through a lot of transformation from her initial days with RGV. She worked hard to come out of RGV’s gaze and turned herself into petite and fit from voluptuous and curvy. Parris Jayeraj did reasonably well at the box office sparking some hopes for Ankita Soti’s career yet.

Anaika Soti on a day out enjoying cocktails and posing for the camera. Image credit: Anaika Soti Instagram

Anaika Soti Instagram: ianaika

Anaika Soti Item Song

Did Anaika Soti od a item song? Yes, she did. Anaika Soti was roped in for an item song in the 2021 Tamil movie Plan Panni Pannanum, the same year her Parris Jayeraj got released. Overall, the year 2021 turned out to be a good year for Aniak Soti with some boost for her stagnant acting career.

Parris Jayeraj actress Anaika Soti in most recent pictures. Credit: Instagram

Why Anaika Soti is still struggling 20 years after her debut?

Should we blame RGV for Anaika’s situation? Did RGV create too much hype and left her high and dry? Maybe. She did go overboard with bold exposing during her initial career days, leaving nothing for later. Too much competition in Tollywood means that no actress is a permanent celebrity or forever in trend. In the case of Anaika it was too short, however, her recent transformation and coming back with the Tamil movie Parris Jayeraj gives her some hope. The industry is changing, actresses are not being pitched just for their bodies. Anaika Soti can explore her dream career with OTT, particularly web series is a place where she can shine and her mojo back.

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