Black Fungus in India, Should You Worry? How Serious is Mucormycosis a.k.a Black Fungus Infection?

Black Fungus Infections

First things first, for the sake of our readers- there is nothing to panic or really worry about the sudden onset of the Black Fungus Infections in some parts of the country. Black Fungus also known as Mucormycosis is a fungal infection caused by the Mucor Mould. It is one of the deadliest fungal infections primarily infecting the lungs and brain. Even with a mortality rate of over 50%, recent Black Fungus Infections are nothing to panic about under present circumstances.

Why Black Fungus Infections are Spreading Now in India?

Black Fungus is a very rare infection, precisely because Human Immune System can efficiently fight the Mucor mould. The recent cases of Black fungus infections have been attributed to the decline in Immune System in recovering and recovered COVID19 Patients.

Doctors of the opinion that the use of Steroids as part of COVID19 treatment is the reason for this onset of Black Fungus infections across UP and Gujarat. Steroids are being used in COVID19 treatment to reduce the immunes system which goes on a hyperdrive because of the COVID virus and this has adverse effects on Lungs. Steroids are used to reduce this damage to the lungs.

Do We Really Need To Worry About Black Fungus Infections?

No, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, there is nothing to immediately worry about. Most of these identified Black Fungus Cases are among COVID19 patients who are on Steroids to reduce their Immune System ( Immunity). This reduced immunity is making them prone to Black Fungus which is most commonly found in the soil.

In an ideal setup, even if you are a COVID patient on steroids, the chances of getting a Black Fungal Infection is very low. The reason for this is the general hygiene maintained in Hospitals. But due to sudden surge in COVID cases in rural areas and Tier 3 cities and towns has worsened the Hygiene in Hospitals- not just the state-run hospitals, even the state of private hospitals is really bad. This situation is only adding to the already low immunity which is enabling the Fungus to spread.

Stay Tuned ! More Information on Black Fungus Infections spread will be updated here.

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