Is MediaTek Processor Good? Redmi Note 10S with MediaTek Helio G95 Processor (12nm) Good or Bad?

MediaTek Helio G95 Redmi Note 10s

Is MediaTek Processor any good? This looks like a question that needs a genuine and detailed answer, after the teaser from Xiaomi on specifics of Redmi Note 10S has made it clear that Redmi Note 10S will be launched in India with MediaTek G95 Processor. Read this completely before deciding on whether you should buy Redmi Note 10S with MediaTek G95 Processor.

Is MediaTek Processor Good?

Yes, MediaTek Processors are good, but there is more to it than a simple yes. MediaTek is a Taiwanese company and one of the leading market shareholders for the in-demand high functional SmartPhone processors. So, when it comes to the question, Is Mediatek Processor Good? The answer is an obvious yes, however, there are a lot of other things that come into play when you compare it with America’s QUALCOMM Snapdragon Processors.

MediTek Dimensity Review
MediaTek Dimensity Series

How Are Mediatek Processors Different from QUALCOMM Snapdragon?

Mediatek processors are beasts when it comes to gaming and multitasking, yet they are only second in place after the market leader Qualcomm. The reason for this is, Mediatek Processors are known to consume more Battery Power than Qualcomm processors.

This is not a bad thing at all. Mediatek Processors consume more power because they use a different technology using extra cores for processing highly demand tasks and better gaming performance. But the catch is that more cores require high RAM. So when going for Mediatek Processors it is always recommended to go for Higher RAM.

Mediatek Processors Heating Issue

Any processor would generate heat, particularly when users are engaging in demanding tasks and Gaming activities. As discussed Mediatek Processors use extra cores to enable a seamless processing system for your smart devices, which essentially means it consumes more power and releases more heat than other processors.

Is Mediatek Processors Heating and Battery Consumption an Issue?

No this is not any issue anymore. A lot of it has to do with the fact that Smart Phone Makers are welcoming Mediatek with warm hearts. Necessary software tweaks and updates from these companies has enabled them to reduce the Power Consumption and Heat Issue from Mediatek Processors.

Shifting towards Mediatek is allowing the budget phone markets to sustain the completive prices. Meditek provides the entire internal system at lower prices than Snapdragon. This is allowing the brands to manufacture smartphones like Redmi Note 10S with AMOLED Display within the under 15,000 Rupees Budget Smart Phones.

Should You Buy Redmi Note 10S with MediaTek G95 Processor?

Xiaomi has released key details in a teaser post for the launch of Redmi Note 10S with MediaTek G95 SoC Processor. Expected Price range is from 12,500 Rupees to 15,000 with the variants to be available in

Redmi Note 10S comes with a lot of premium features for a budget smartphone- this includes AMOLED display, 5000 MAH Battery with 33W Fast Charging. Check out this Article by Gadgets.NDTV on specifications and other information you need. We are not doing a Redmi Note 10S review or preview here, maybe there might be a separate post on it later.

MediTek G95 Processor

Redmi Note 10s Launch Date-

It is official, Redmi Note 10s with Mediatek Helio G95 Processor will be released in India on May 13th,2021. Here are the top 5 Reasons why you should buy the Redmi Note 10s With the Mediatek G95 Processor.

Why You Should Buy Redmi Note 10S with MediaTek Helio G95 Processor?

MediaTek Helio G series is the flagship Gaming Processor Series from MediaTek that works on Hyper Engine Technology by MediaTek. Designed to give you seamless processing for Highly Graphic Intensive Gaming requirements and Video Rendering Works. MediaTek uses the Arm Cortex- A55 and Arm Cortex- A75 CPUs, for complete information on MediaTek G95 visit the official MediTek Product Page.

With the Advantage of lower cost in Processors and related system setup from MediaTek, Smartphones brands like Xiaomi are able to bring High end and premium features into Budget smartphone categories. We have listed down some reasons for you to buy Redmi Note 10S with MediaTek Helio G95-

  • AMOLED Punch hole Display with the high-quality output from MediaTek G95 SoC.
  • 5000 MAH Ample Battery Capacity
  • 33W Fast Charger with an awesome combination of 5000 MAH Battery
  • 64 Megapixel Quad Camera and 13 MP Selfie Sensor Camera.
  • Android 11 – MIUI 12.5

So to conclude, we think Redmi Note 10S is a pretty good deal overall considering the fact that you are getting the AMOLED powered by G95 SoC, 33 Watts Fast Charger, etc. For Anyone who is looking to buy a decent budget Smartphone under 15,000, Redmi Note 10S may end up as the best choice for buyers. Stay Tuned for Complete Thought Scroll Review on Redmi Note 10S with MediTek G95

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