TVF Aspirants by Unacademy; How close is it to the reality of UPSC Aspirants? A Complete Thought Scroll Review.

From the Makers of KOTA FACTORY- Unacademy is on a branding spree with Aspirants

It was during my First Attempt of UPSC Examinations I came across this weird guy who would later start an edutech company that is redefining the idea of Online education and Self Study. Aspirants is a show on UPSC Aspirants primarily situated in and around the hub of UPSC coaching centers in the Delhi. Roman Saini- that weird guy I was talking – founder of UNACADEMY was an UPSC Aspirant, unlike other success stories of UPSC coaching centers which were started by failed UPSC Aspirants, Roman Saini successfully cleared UPSC Civil Services Examination but later on resigned to his IAS posting and started the Youtube channel Unacademy with support from other like minded aspirants.

Unacademy Exploring The Digital Marketing Avenues

I have been working as a freelancer in the field of Digital Marketing for past 3 years and had opportunity to work with edutech platforms like Rizee for IIT JEE & NEET. In my experience targeting the age group of 16-20 through the Google Ads and Facebook Ads is very tricky business . One of the primary issue is the availability of dedicated smart phones for the students who often rely on their Parents or Elder siblings and other issues like age restrictions for certain campaign types which won’t allow you to target anyone below 18 etc.

Unacademy never backed down from Ad spends and Brand Awareness from the beginning even when their investor portfolio is in nascent stages. Today they are the title sponsors of most glamorous sports & cultural event in India IPL. But of all their attempts, shows like KOTA FACTORY & ASPIRANTS might be the most effective way taking their brand to the audience. Youtube- as any digital marketer knows – is a treasure trove of niche audience, particularly young active audiences numbers on YouTube is very high.

How Close is Unacademy’s TVF Aspirants to the Reality of UPSC Aspirants?

All in all, it was a good watching experience. The actors were good in their roles, particularly Navin Kasturia & Abilash Thapliyal were extraordinary in their roles bringing a pleasant and fresh watching experience.

Navin Kasturia’s character- Abhilash- is the protagonist of the story. As in he is the lead who is introduced in the Episode 1 as an IPS Officer whose back story of how he cleared the exam in his Last Attempt with optional change and the lives of friends and families during his UPSC exam preparation days.

Abilas Thapliyal’s Introduction scene as Faculty for UPSC at a coaching center in Rajendra Nagar in Delhi has cliched product placement for Unacademy in not so subtle way, however the depth of his conversation in the class is something every true UPSC Aspirant can connect to easily. According to him What it takes to become an IAS officer is Patience, Dedication & Perseverance, more than anything.

Sunny Hinduja’s Character as senior and very dedicated UPSC candidate admired by many fresher students coming to the institute for their first attempt at UPSC Civil Services Examination is relatable to the grey haired & bald headed UPSC Aspirants who are fighting year after year to get to the interview part of the examination. We need to wait and see if Sunny Hinduja’s character can clear the UPSC exam this time, maybe we get to know in the TVF Aspirants Episode 2.

Coming to the question, how close is TVF Aspirants to the Reality of UPSC Aspirants, the answer is , somewhat close. One episode might be too early to judge the entire show, however whatever shown in the Episode one, like the struggle of Navin’s Character on deciding whether to change the Optional subject and if so, which subject should he choose? These things form the mundane of UPSC Aspirants life. With every failed attempt, one starts to wonder what went wrong, is it the Optional? Is it the medium of Exam? Would choosing the Language subject as Optional fetch more marks?

TVF Aspirants Episode 2 Release Dates

With 2 Million + views with the first day of the Episode 1 release, TVF Aspirant Episode 2 is one of the most anticipated shows on Youtube in India. Over 10+ lakhs apply for UPSC Prelims every year and millions of students who are either preparing for UPSC or have appeared for UPSC examinations- many of them are eagerly waiting to tune into the Episode 2.

Unacademy Present’s TVF Aspirants Episode 2 will be Aired on Wednesday,14th April, 2021. TVF Aspirants Episode 2 will be directly released on official The Viral Fever YouTube Channel. Originally the show scheduled to air on weekly basis on TVF YouTube and Website. It is also said the TVF Aspirants would be aired on Amazon Prime Video for India.

TVF Aspirants Episode 3 Review-

Unacademy and The Viral Fever Presents Aspirants- Original Series- has got a huge response for the first two episodes and the TVF Aspirants Episode 3 is no different with over 6 Million Views within two days after the streaming of the episode.

TVF Aspirants Episode 4 Dates-

The Viral Fever owned by Contagious online media network PVT Ltd. TVF has announced that the next episode of Unacademy TVF’s Aspirants on 29th April, 2021. Unacademy TVF’s Aspirants has been a huge success and TVF’s YouTube Channel is inching close to 9 Million Subscribers.

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