Battleground Mobile India Vs Pubg Mobile: Battleground Mobile Release Dates, Gameplay, Profile Progress, and other FAQs.

Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India is the AAA Massive Multiplayer Game produced by KRAFTON to be released in India as an alternative to PubG Mobile. As part of its International Policies and Economic sanctions against China, India has banned Pubg Mobile, which is owned by Tencent- a Chinese gaming and entertainment company. However, the PC version of the Game is not banned in India as it is owned and run by South Korean Gaming Company KRAFTON Inc.

Battleground Mobile India
Image Source Official Battleground Mobile India Website

KRAFTON has cut ties with Tencent Gaming- which owns around 13% of shares in Pubg Corporation- to stay clear of data and privacy controversy and retain its market in India. In October 2020, KRAFTON has officially announced the merger of Pubg Corporation with Krafton Inc bringing all the verticals of PubG Corporation under Krafton Inc.

None of this helped the cause for Unbanning Pubg Mobile, Krafton has even promised to store the entire data in their own dedicated servers in India with strict privacy policies. Having no other option, KRAFTON has decided to rebrand and launch an Indian version of the Pubg Mobile to the satisfaction of Indian regulations ensuring privacy.

Battleground Mobile India Vs Pubg Mobile- Key Differences.

The Key difference between Battleground Mobile India and Pubg Mobile is the obvious Branding. To keep it simple, we are not expecting much difference in between other than the Name, Costumes, Prop Designs, and Possible changes in Maps with KRAFTON now having the opportunity to create content targeting exclusively Indian Gamers ( Region Specific Content)

Image Source Official Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India uses Unreal 4, the same game engine used by Pubg Mobile and many other AAA games offering an immersive gaming experience with high-quality graphics and sounds. In Battleground Mobile India, we might get to see new modes of Gameplay like 1 Vs 1, Arena Games, etc.

India Ka Battlegrounds- Pre Registration Details.

India Ka Battlegrounds is the official opening season of the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Registrations for Battleground Mobile, India Ka Battlegrounds have opened on May 18th to get a good number of players ready to go once the game is launched. Pre-registering to India Ka Battlegrounds on Google Play comes with benefits like exclusive costumes, limited-time merchandise, premium crates, etc. Some announced rewards are-

  • Recon Mask
  • Recon Outfit
  • Celebration Expert Tag
  • 300 AG
Battleground Mobile India
Image Source Official Battleground Mobile India

Visit the official Google Play store Page of Official Battleground Mobile India to Register for India Ka Battlegrounds.

Battleground Mobile India Player Profile and Game Progress.

Krafton might not be able to integrate the player profile from Pubg Mobile to Battleground Mobile as it would require to use the data from Pubg Mobile. To start everything fresh and owing to the introduction of new regional specific content, Battleground Mobile India might require a new profile to be created, however, the company might consider rewarding the veteran Pubg players who have been loyal patrons for years. We are yet to get an official statement from Krafton on this.

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