Telegram Marketing: How Leading Brands like Unacademy and Gradeup are Generating Leads from Telegram Channels?

Telegram marketing is slowly becoming mainstream and any company that fails to see this would lose out on valuable leads that can be generated from the daily active user base of over 55+ Million on this emerging digital marketing platform of 2021.

The fact that Telegram doesn’t have an official advertisement platform is only helping the big brands like Unacademy, Byjus, Gradeup, and many other top brands in India. Let us discuss this further in the article.

What is Telegram Marketing?

Telegram is the most downloaded app at the beginning of 2021, this was a knee-jerk reaction from WhatsApp users who got spooked after a change in the Privacy Policy of WhatsApp that compromised the user privacy over data.

But this is not the whole story, as much as WhatsApp’s inability to adhere to high standards of data privacy has a role to play, most of Telegram’s success can be attributed to its interface, functionalities, and unique channel settings.

Coming to the point, Telegram Marketing is where the brands partner with Telegram channels to reach their audience directly with very highly focused and targeted content. As a digital marketer I have personally seen the huge benefits that Telegram offers for brands and have generated over 10,000+ leads for an E-learning platform.

It is during the marketing activities for this client I have discovered the huge ad spends from leading brands in India through Telegram Channels. In a conversation with one of the Telegram influencers whose channel has more than 3 Lakh followers, he mentioned that he makes lakhs of rupees per month from ads on Telegram and he manages a team of 6 who are working on getting more business and followers for the channel.

Why are brands like Unacademy and Gradeup spending huge on Telegram Marketing?

Telegram has no official Ads delivery and management platform like other platforms, this is because of the way Telegram functions. The content creators and online community managers/brands on Telegram own the channels they build on the platform.

This provides greater control for the content creators and lowers costs of advertisements for the Brands. There are no costs in the form of commissions or taxes, no charges for the reach and clicks. Telegram channels are very organic in nature this way. Instagram influencer marketing comes close to this form of marketing.

The Magic of Telegram Marketing.

One of the reasons why Facebook Ads and Google Ads don’t deliver as expected for small businesses is off-targeting. More often than not these small businesses or startups hire SEO professionals and Digital Marketing executives who don’t really understand the ad targeting and lack the skill required.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t get results, they do, but at a very higher cost per conversion. In their chase to get lower cost per lead to impress their management, they end up screwing the campaigns in the long run and drive up the cost per conversion.

Telegram Marketing offers a magical solution for this problem because there is no need for targeting. There are channels around ideas, solutions, and resources for various industries on Telegram. All these channels have subscribers who have voluntarily joined and most importantly receive your AD as a notification from their beloved channel.

Other unique tools and settings for Telegram channels allow the content creators and brands to interact with the user base closely on a daily basis and also get feedback on what is working and what is not through channel insights and statistics along with users’ feedback.

Stay tuned for an interesting ebook on How to start a channel for your Brand on Telegram and create the user base needed to generate valuable leads.

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