TSPSC Group 2 Exam 2023 Complete Online Preparation Strategy | TSPSC Group 2 Exam 100 Days Preparation Plan With Resources & Book List

TSPSC Group 2 Preparation Strategy 100 days preparation strategy for TSPSC Group 2 exam Telangana State Service Public Service Commission

TSPSC Group 2 Exam 2023 Complete Online Preparation Strategy: Telangana State Public Service Commission will conduct the much-awaited TSPSC Group 2 exam to recruit various government posts at the state level on 29th and 30th August 2023.

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TSPSC Group 2 Exam Online Preparation Strategy

How is the TSPSC Group 2 Exam Different From TSPSC Group 1 Exam?

TSPSC Group 2 exam pattern is very different from the Group 1 Prelims exam which was conducted on October 16 2022 but the entire exam was cancelled to be reconducted on June 11 2023 under the allegations of mass scale exam paper leak orchestrated by the Telangana Public State Service Commission’s staff.

While this is a bad turn of events for aspirants who cleared the Group 1 prelims examination, it is a blessing in disguise for TSPSC Group 2 aspirants for the following reasons: 

  1. This is the first time TSPSC is conducting exams for recruitment of Group 1 and Group 2 posts on this scale. This essentially means that aspirants will not have access to the previous question papers to gauge the difficulty and types of questions that can be asked in the exam. 
  2. The canceled Group 1 Prelims exam will now help Group 2 aspirants to gain a perspective on how the Group 2 question paper might be set and understand what focus areas in the syllabus need special attention.
  3. Because the Group 1 Prelims exam was canceled it will be reconducted on 29th and 30th of August, allowing the Group 2 aspirants to get their hands on question papers from TSPSC to help plan their preparation accordingly

Unlike the Group 1 exam, TSPSC Group 2 exam preparation needs to be different owing to the pattern of both examinations. Group 1 exam has two stages that is prelims and mains examination whereas Group 2 examination has no mains. TSPSC Group 2 examination consists of 4 papers on August 29th & 30th. Aspirants need to understand every aspect of the syllabus to successfully plan and clear the examination to get your dream job. 

TSPSC Group 2 Exam Preparation Strategy: Complete Syllabus Analysis

TSPSC Group 2 examination consists of 4 papers, the exam will be conducted in morning and after sessions for 2 days on August 29 & 30th. Before we start with our 100 days TSPSC Group 2 exam online preparation plan I request the aspirants to carefully scout through the syllabus and make a list of topics that they are comfortable with and identify the areas of syllabus where they are week and needs special focus.

  • Paper 1: General Studies and Abilities

  • Paper 2: History, Polity, and Society

  • Paper 3: Economy and Development

  • Paper 4: Telangana History and State Formation

Regional, National, and International Current Affairs, International Relations and Events, General Science, World Geography, Environmental Issues, India History & Culture, Telangana State Heritage, Society, Arts & Culture, Social Inclusion, Rights, Logical Reasoning, English

Socio Economic & Political History of both India and Telangana, Making of the Constitution & Policies, Social Structure, Issues & Public Policies. 

Indian Economy Issues and Challenges, Economic concepts like Growth & Development, National Income,  GDP, Poverty and Unemployment, Planning in India NITI Aayog, Telangana State Economy, Issues of Development and Change, Economic Reforms, Sustainable Development, Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation, ect.

Telangana focused paper: The Idea and History of Telangana, Mobilization Phase(197101990), Towards formation of Telangana(1991-2014).

Understanding the importance of Paper 4 in TSPSC Group 2 Examination

Over 2-3 lakh aspirants are expected to write the Group 2 examination. It can be safely assumed that a fair amount of these aspirants have been preparing for other examinations where there is a common syllabus with TSPSC exams. This is where Paper 4 becomes very important and might be the decider of true competition in the examination. The reason for this is that everyone has to read this new paper which is very factual in nature in the limited time there is before the exam. Owing to this nature of the paper it acts as a level playing field for everyone. So it is strongly suggested to a lot as much time as possible while planning your last 100 days of preparation. 

100 Days Online Preparation Strategy for Telangana State Public Service Commission's Group 2 Examination

Step 1: The best way to start your last lap of the exam preparation is to actually make a schedule for the last 100 days in a count-down format preferably on a chart or on the wall of possible so that you are always reminded of the time and syllabus left as part of the preparation, this can help you stay motivated and focused while tracking your progress on a day to day basis. 

Step 2: The next important part of the preparation is making a list of books and resources for the TSPSC Group 2 exam.  It can be confusing to choose one source over the other amongst the bulk of resources suggested online by experts. It doesn’t matter what source you choose, but once you have made the list of books it is imperative that your stay with them and finish reading them comprehensively. 

TSPSC Group 2 Books: Are Vijeta Competition Books Good for Group 2 Preparation?

Vijeta Publishers is well known and long-time player in Telangana and AP competitive exams coaching and study material. For someone who is looking for quick study material without having to go through the bulk of books to cover the syllabus, Vijeta books are a good place to start with. Added advantage of Vijeta Competitions books is that the publishers have released Paper wise books to make it easy for the aspirants to cover the entire syllabus. Most of these books come with question banks for every topic in the Group 2 syllabus. 

1) Vijeta Competitons book on General Studies and General Ability

2) TSPSC Group 2 Paper 2 9500 questions bit bank 

3) Vijeta Competitions Telangana State Formation bit bank

4) Economy and Development by Vijeta Competitons 

Coming to the question of whether Vijeta Competitions books are good enough to clear Group 2 exam, it is a little tricky to answer. If we have learned anything from the recent Group 1 examination it is that TSPSC is drastically changing the standard of questions and format. Instead of being facts focused the paper is shifting towards more conceptual based questions. Group 1 paper was compared to UPSC standards by many aspirants. If that is the case, then Vijeta books might be a little facts focused for the task. 

Is joining in a Test Series mandatory in successful preparation for TSPSC Group 2 exam?

I will not beat around the bush here. Yes, it is a must and be integral part of your exam preparation strategy. Group 2 exam is conducted over 2 days in 4 sessions, aspirants are to face 600 questions in 8 hours. Each paper is different with completely different syllabus. With out practicing Tests on a daily basis it is very difficult to directly face the paper on the exam day. But make sure that you don’t waste money on a test series that has less than 10 tests. The idea is to practice answering as many questions as possible. Don’t think that you can attempt 5 tests and learn everything. Test series is only a way of getting familiar with the paper and to help you get used to answering questions in limited time. Taking daily tests will also help you access yourself in the exam preparation to identify strengths and weaknesses. 

How to prepare for TSPSC Group 2 current affairs?

Newspapers are the best way to prepare for current affairs. But for this you must have a daily newspaper reading habit. Also, you will not be able to cover last 1 year current affairs by reading newspapers of last 100 days. So aspirants should find best sources for current affairs compilation. To cover national and international events monthly magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan, and other monthly magazines are good. 

The next best option is to watch Current affairs on YouTube, however YouTube might be a little time wasting considering that we only have 100 days for the exam preparation. For offline preparation the best suggestion would be to visit RTC crossroads and buy the exclusive compilations of Telangana Current affairs.  

PNR Publications

TSPSC Group 2 Book: Telangana History and State Formation by PNR Publications

Vijeta Competitons Editorial Board

Vijeta book on Social Exclusion for TSPSC Group 2 exam

Shankar IAS

Shankar IAS book on Environment for TSPSC Group 2 environment syllabus

Telugu Academy

Telugu Academy book 'Telangana Regional Geography'

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