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TSPSC Groups Exam- Telangana History Practice Test

TSPSC Groups Exam- Telangana History Practice Test

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Who among the following foreign travelers wrote about Deccan in 1st century?

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Which among the following was one of 16 Janapadas of India in 6th century B.C.?

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Which text stated that there were 16 janapadas in India in 6th century B.C. ?

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Who was the son of Rishabhanatha that ruled the region with Bodhan as his capital ,
according to Jaina texts?

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Bavari, the Guru of the Kosala king settled down in the Assaka kingdom to teach here,
according to this religious text

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Andhras retreated from Central Asia and came to the Dakshinapatha because of the
continuous attacks of Aryans. By the time they came here, which races were living in the

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Which inscription of 12th century A.D. contained the word ‘Telunga’ ?

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Telugu as a language as Telungani, was mentioned in a grammatical text. What is its

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Which among the following copper inscriptions is considered as the first Telugu copper

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Who commissioned the Kalamalla inscription which is considered to be the rst Telugu
inscription of Andhradesa?

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