UPSC EPFO 202O Exam will be conducted on May 9th, 2021. Originally scheduled to be conducted in 2020, UPSC Exam got postponed due to the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic conditions.

UPSC EPFO Labour laws & Industrial Laws are very important part of the UPSC EPFO exam. Every year students can expect 20+ Questions from Labour Laws & Industrial Laws In India in EPFO Exam. Students can use this article to quickly get an Idea of all the Important topics for UPSC EPFO Labour Laws & Industrial Laws and plan the final revision accordingly.

UPSC EPFO Labour Laws- Trade Union Act, 1926

  • History of Trade Union Movement
  • Objective & Scheme of Trade Union Act
  • Trade Union Meaning & Definitions
  • Trade Union Recognition
  • Trade Union Registration
  • Central Trade Unions
  • Privileges’ & Immunities of Registered Trade Unions
  • General Fund & Political Fund
  • Rights, Duties & Liabilities
  • Dissolution of Trade Unions

UPSC EPFO Industrial Laws- The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

  • Definitions of Awards, Settlement, Employer, Workman, Wages, Public Utility Service
  • Industry Definition Amendments, Is Hospital an Industry? Education an Industry? Statutory Corporations, Solicitors Office etc.
  • Industrial Dispute & Individual Dispute
  • Strike & Lock Out
  • Layoff & Retrenchment
  • Unfair Labour Practices
  • Dispute Settlement methods
  • The Maharashtra Recognition of Trade Unions and Prevention of Unfair Trade Practices.

UPSC EPFO Industrial Laws- The Factories Act, 1948

  • Title, Objective & Scheme of the Act
  • Features of The Factories Act
  • Definitions of Adult, Adolescent, Child, Hazardous process, Prime Mover, Worker, Occupier, Factory
  • The Inspecting Staff
  • Health, Safety & Welfare Provisions
  • Employment of Children and Adolescents
  • Employment of Women

UPSC EPFO – The Minimum Wages Act,1948.

  • Salient features & Constitutional Validity of the Act
  • Concept of Wages
  • Authorities under the Act, Advisory Board, Central Advised Board
The Industrial Employment Act1946
Employees Compensation Act1923
Employees State Insurance Act1948
Payment of Bonus Act1965
The Maternity Benefit Act1961
Minimum Wages Act1948
The Factories Act1948
The Industrial Disputes Act1947
Trade Union Act1926

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