UPSC Science and Technology: What is Sycamore Processor, Beidou, Malta Fever, Micius, Tianwen 1, and more topics for UPSC Current Affairs

upsc science and technology current affairs

UPSC Current Affairs can give you a competitive advantage over other UPSC Aspirants who have been preparing for the past few years. These UPSC Aspirants might be very good at the static portion of the UPSC Syllabus but dynamic areas like UPSC Current Affairs provide the required competitiveness by making it difficult for these experienced players. By preparing well and focusing on individual key areas like UPSC Science and Technology students can improve their UPSC prelims 2021 exam score.

UPSC Science and Technology topics like Google’s Sycamore Processor, Beidou Navigation System, Malta Fever, Micius, Tianwen 1, Hiyang 2c, International Energy Agency, Digital Ocean App, National Science and Technology Draft Policy, State Food Safety Index 2020, Noble Prizes 2021 and many interesting topics have been explained in detail.

Most Important Topics for UPSC Current Affairs ( UPSC Science & Technology Part 1)

Thought Scroll has compiled a list of the most important topics for UPSC Science & Technology and explained everything you need to know about these topics including the possibility of questions from these topics. Quickly go through these topics for a faster and effective revision for UPSC Science and Technology Syllabus 2021.

What is Sycamore Processor ( Google’s Sycamore) and Why is Sycamore in news?

In a press release, Google Claimed that it has achieved Quantum Supremacy quoting that its most advanced Quantum Processor Sycamore has achieved a great milestone by completing a complex task in 200 seconds.

Google claimed that it would take more than 10,000 years for the most advanced supercomputers available today to finish this complex task which took Sycamore 200 seconds to complete.

Google's Sycamore Processor UPSC

How Can Sycamore Achieve Such Great Processing Speeds?

The answer is simple- we have been making huge leaps in the advancement of Quantum Technology in the past 2 decades. The ultimate objective of most of the R &D labs dedicated to Quantum Technology is to come up with a programmable Quantum Computing that outclasses the traditional supercomputing technologies. Achieving this is popularly known as Quantum Supremacy and Google claims to have achieved this Quantum Supremacy in 2019 opening up new possibilities for Scientific Research and Real-world applications.

What are Qubits in Quantum Technology and Quantum Computing ?

Quantum Bits ( Qubits) is the binary code version of Quantum Computers where information is stored and processed in Quantum Bits. Google’s Sycamore is made of 53 Quantum Bits ( 53 Qubits) and China’s Jhiuzhang Processor is made up of 76 Qubits. For a quantum computer to code and decode these Qubits, it requires a special 2 State Device.

Everything About China’s Beidou Navigation System.

It is important to know why Beidou Satellite Navigation System is in news recently. UPSC might confuse the candidates by framing confusing questions with changed years and numbers.

Beidou Navigation system is not a new project in fact China has been working on it for decades. It is in news recently because China has launched the last satellite of the Beidou Satellite Navigation System on June 23r, 2020. Now China has a complete Navigation system that counters the USA’s GPS Navigation system. China says their system is PPP- Precise Point Positioning.

Beidou Satellite Navigation System

Latest Beidou Satellite launched by China was in 2020 and this is the 55th such satellite launched as part of Beidou Satellites Constellation. The original constellation of Beidou-1 with limited scope has been decommissioned in 2012.

The current Beidou Satellite Navigation System has a constellation of 35 Satellites. There are two services offered by these satellites, one for Civilians and the other one for the Chinese State. It is important to note that Beidou -2 is not the Continuation of Beidou 1, it is an entirely new system of navigation that provides precise and advanced position tracking. Beidou 2 is formerly known as COMPASS and offers complete coverage of the globe.

What is Malta Fever? Why is Malta Fever in News?

Malta Fever is also known as Brucellosis is a Bacterial Infection named after the scientist David Bruce for discovering the Bacterium. Malts fever is also known as Bangs Disease, Rock Fever, and Mediterranean Fever.

Malt fever Brucellosis

Malta Fever was in news in 2020 because of a sudden increase in Brucellosis cases in some provinces of China. China reported that this was due to contamination in Brucellosis Vaccine Factory which allowed the Bacteria to be spread as aerosol particles.

Brucellosis is originally known to have spread from livestock to humans through close contact. It is one of the highly communicable diseases caused by Bacteria. Malta Fever is a bacterial infection caused by Brucella and can be treated with Anti-biotics.

Micius Satellite- World’s First Photon Quantum Satellite

China has successfully launched the Worlds first Quantum Satellite that uses Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Cryptography.

How Does A Quantum Satellite Work?

Micius, Worlds First Quantum Satellite works on Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Cryptography. China used entangled Photons to communicate between the satellite and ground station. These two photons are entangled with each other providing a most private communication channel so far, only the person in possession of the other proton and required crypto codes can decode these messages.

Micius has sent the first-ever Quantum Satellite Communication signals in the form of Light recently, hence the topic is in the news and Important for UPSC Science and Technology.

What is Tianwen 1? Why is Tianwen 1 in News?

Tianwen is the Chinese word for Astronomical. Tianwen 1 is the first Inter Planetary mission of China as part of the global race for reaching Mars.

On 23rd July 2020, China has successfully launched the Tianwen 1 Mission to Mars, In February 2021, Tianwen 1 has successfully entered Mars Orbit and expected to attempt a Mars Landing in June 2021.
As we all know, June is also when UPSC Prelims 2021 exam will be conducted, this topic becomes important for UPSC Science & Technology 2021.

If the soft-landing of Tianwen 1 Mars Rover is successful, China becomes the Second country to land a rover on Mars after the USA. This also makes China only the third country to do a Soft Landing on Mars.

Other important space missions in 2020 include USA’s historical Perseverance and UAE’s Hope Orbiter- first space mission from any Arab Countries.

Haiyang 2C- Chinese Oceanography Satellite.

Candidates shouldn’t get confused between Haiyang 2C & Tianwen 1. Haiyan 2C is the recent Oceanography Satellite Launched by China to measure Winds and Wave heights for more accurate research and forecasting.

International Energy Agency- Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020.

IEA- International Energy Agency– is headquartered in Paris, France. It is established by the members of OECD ( Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development) for shaping a secure and sustainable future for all. IEA consists of 30 member countries and 8 Associate Member Countries. India is an Associate Member of OECD since 2017.

  • World Energy Outlook 2020
  • India Energy Outlook 2021
  • Global Energy Review
  • Oil Market Report

Along with Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020, IEA publishes a series of reports every year making it the center of Global Energy Dialogue. Global Electric Outlook Spells a positive outlook for Electric Vehicles in the future with a 40% annual growth rate. Visit the official website of IEA to read the full report.

What is Digital Ocean?

Indian National Ocean Information Services (ESSO-INCOIS) under the Ministry of Earth Sciences has launched the Digital Ocean App.

Union Minister of Earth Sciences officially launched the Digital Ocean- A web-based service for sharing information. This web application was developed by INCOIS as part of the national digital movement. INCOIS is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana established in 1999.

Digital Ocean Web Application INCOIS

State Food Safety Index- FSSAI Food Safety Index 2019-20.

State Food Safety Index is released by FSSAI- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The theme of the report for 2019 was ‘ Food Safety is Everyone’s Business.

Food safety index 2020 FSSAI

FSSAI is an autonomous and statutory body established under Food Safety and Standards Act,2006. Gujarat, Tamilnadu, and Maharashtra are the Top states in Food Safety Index.

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