Farm Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Delivery App in Hyderabad

Top 5 Best Online Vegetables Delivery Apps in Hyderabad

Best Vegetable & Fruits Delivery Apps In Hyderabad 2022

The emphasis is on Freshness and the sales pitch is Quality at affordable prices. We are no longer impressed by the freshness that is refrigerated, so to take it up a notch for the GenZ and offer the familiar for the older generation many entrepreneurs are floating apps around the idea of delivering farm-fresh vegetables and fruits directly to our kitchens, making the year 2022 the year of Farm Fresh Delivery Apps. So here is a list of the best online vegetables and fruits delivery apps promising farm freshness in 2022.

What does it mean to be farm fresh for vegetables and fruits?

We know that it is not possible to get fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and deliver them to customers in 30-60 minutes. So when these apps claim to deliver farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to customers, how is it possible? or what do they mean by it?

It simply means that there is a very minimal amount of storage time between the procurement from the farmers and delivery to customers. Most vegetable delivery apps take the orders a day before and procure them from the farmers based on the orders generated and get them to the packaging center by night on the same day before dispatching them to the customers.

Fraazo: Buy Fruits & Vegetables Online at Best Price

Fraazo is one of the best apps available for the delivery of Vegetables and Fruits in Hyderabad. Fraazo claims to deliver vegetables directly from the farmers and has a minimum wait period of 12 hours so that they can collect the orders and procure the fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers and agricultural communities. The theme is Green groceries delivered farm-fresh. Fraazo provides free delivery on green groceries with the valet plan. Other than Hyderabad, Frazo also delivers in Bengaluru, Noida, Delhi, and more.

Taaza Panta

Taaza literally translates to Fresh in Telugu. Taaza Panta is another app for Hyderabadis to order vegetables online that are farm fresh. With a 600 acre farmland within 180kms range of Hyderabad, they produce more than 12 varieties of fruits and 20 varieties of vegetables through their Kapil Agro farms and other partner farms to deliver farm-fresh and residual-free vegetables and fruits.

Gourmet Garden: Whole Freshness

Among the top apps for vegetables and fruits delivery in Hyderabad is Gourmet Garden which delivers farm-fresh certified organic and naturoponic fruits and vegetables that are contamination and residual free. Gourmet has a wide variety of offerings from aromatic spices, dry fruits to exotic fruits and leafy vegetables. With many new product offerings coming soon like DIY ready-to-cook kits, sauces, bread, etc., Gourmet is a definite in the list of top apps in Hyderabad for Green Groceries.

Fav Mall India: Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

FaV Mall is an acronym for the Fruits and Vegetables Mall. With a theme of farmer-centric, vision and delivering the highest quality of fresh vegetables and fruits at the most affordable prices, FaV is a favorite for many in the Gachibowli. Customers gave a very high rating for the FaV Mall quality and freshness during the COVID lockdown period. The company is set on a path of expansion and scaling up soon, according to the information available from a source at FaV mall India, they are all set for a big launch with a new app soon. FaV Mall has a unique advantage of providing high-quality green groceries at very low prices, which many of the competitors are failing to achieve. Stay tuned to this space for updates on the launch of the new app.

Urban Kisaan: Modern Farms

UrbanKisaan is worth mentioning in this list, however, their farm-fresh concept is different from the rest of the apps. UrbanKisaan’s business model relies on the modern farms using technology that is developed in and around the city. UrbanKisaan claims that they harvest the produce after receiving the order and directly deliver it to your home.

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