10 Pictures to Prove that Aathmika is Samantha’s Curvy Doppelganger 

Author: Swetha HT

May 18th, Wednesday, 2022

Meesaya Murukku fame 'Aathmika looks like Samantha' is the hot topic among the Samantha Ruth Prabhu fans.

Images Credit: Instagram

Uncanny resemblance between Aathmika as Samantha is making fans go crazy over Aathmika pictures.  

Images Credit: Instagram

Aathmika can be seen in a tight turtle neck T-shirt and pulled-down faded denim jeans in a recent photoshoot.

Aathmika, a newcomer from Tamil industry is trending in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for her looks similar to Samantha Ruth Prabhu 

Many or excited to see her face and social media considers Aathmika as Samantha's hotter version.

Images Credit: Instagram

It is impossible to immediately tell the difference between Aathmika and Samantha. The above picture is an example. 

Actress Aathmika without makeup looks even more like Samantha. In picture: Aathmika in a selfie without makeup

Some fans of Samantha are of the opinion that Aathmika is even better than Samantha with her voluptuous and shapely figure featuring sizzling curves. 

When one Samantha is not enough for the fans, the creator decided to make it two and sent Aaathmika to make it big and bold.